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10 good reasons for choosing poster advertising

Posters work round the clock
Poster advertising is omnipresent and accompanies your target group throughout the day - right round the clock - on the way to school or work, out shopping or during leisure time.
Posters offer scope for creativity
Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) offers unlimited creative potential for high-impact campaigns that connect your brand with your target group in the most effective way possible.
Poster have a past and a future
A medium with a strong tradition and a great future that is constantly reinventing itself – thanks to the latest technology and interactive possibilities via smartphone (QR, NFC, augmented reality, etc.).
Posters are unavoidable
Posters are unavoidable: you can't just switch them off with the remote or turn the page.
Posters are appealing
Posters don’t annoy people – around 74% find OOH the friendliest form of advertising.
Posters are close to the POS
No other traditional medium is closer to the Point of Sale (POS) in terms of immediacy and proximity; More than 70% of all purchasing decisions are made spontaneously and only 30% planned ahead.
Posters can provide support
Thanks to geomarketing, out-of-home campaigns can be planned precisely on a regional basis – for example when advertisers want to strengthen specific sales territories or support local dealers.
Posters offer a high ROI
In an intermedia comparison, the poster scores highest in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), as a basic medium or in mixed campaigns.
Posters reach younger target groups
OOH is particularly effective for reaching younger people and mobile target groups.
Posters boost reach
No medium is faster when it comes to achieving high reach and contact rates as quickly as possible.

Intermedia comparison

The billboard: top medium for active selling

The billboard poster is recognized as a highly efficient medium for selling. Intermedia comparisons show it to have the highest ROI (return on investment), either as the primary medium or in mixed campaigns. Relative to its share in the media mix, the effect on sales of the poster is actually five times greater than other media.

ROI of the classic media (Average in euros)

Of all the classic media, the poster has the greatest leverage effect for boosting sales.¹

ROI of TV campaigns (Average in euros)

The inclusion of posters in mixed campaigns increase the ROI of the other media deployed. The study shows that posters significantly increase the efficiency of TV advertising.¹

Augmentation of sales figures with additional budget (Index)

In mixed campaigns, the poster has a leverage effect on the other media as well. It significantly improves the ROI values of the associated media.¹

Perception and acceptance of advertising by medium

Media approval:
Ø 54% = irrespective of medium, on average more than half of all respondents consider advertising “likeable” or “very likeable”. The poster is the medium with the highest approval rating at 74%.²

Media handicap:
Television, Internet and radio are most often perceived as irritating. Posters are seen as the least irritating.²

CPM comparison

For advertisers, the absolute price of an advertising medium on its own is not all that meaningful. It must be considered in relation to performance. In this regard, the CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) has established itself as the accepted indicator. It measures the absolute cost of an advertising medium or a campaign in relation to the number of times the ad is seen (impressions), expressed as the cost per thousand impressions. As a matter of principle, cross-media CPM comparisons have certain limitations, since different media categories generate different types of contact or impression, and research approaches also differ. However, CPM ratings do offer a rough guide to the cost-effectiveness of a medium.³

¹Source: Studie von Brand Science des FAW (Fachverband Aussenwerbung e. V.), Frankfurt am Main, DE, und der APG, September 2010
²Source: INNOFACT AG / Online-Befragung D-CH und W-CH
³Source: Quelle: Mediapulse (TV, Radio), MACH (Print, Kino), SPR+ (Plakat), NET-Metrix (Online)

BMW – advertising impact study

In May 2014, a survey was conducted to determine the impact of the BMW campaign for the 3 Series Touring. Clear Channel Switzerland displayed the nationwide poster campaign at top-quality sites for a total of four weeks, with the advertising pressure largely concentrated in the first two weeks. The poster campaign was accompanied by print advertising.

Download PDF

Love Life - advertising impact study

In August 2014, Clear Channel commissioned GfK to conduct a survey on the impact of poster advertising. The object of the study was the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health’s «Love Life» campaign. Clear Channel Switzerland displayed the nationwide campaign at top-quality poster sites and elsewhere for a total of four weeks, with the advertising pressure concentrated in the first two weeks. The poster campaign was accompanied by print advertising.

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